Dissident Dreamer

Dreamer Republic



Dreamer Republic is the productive social life we all need, but usually can't be bothered to work on. It's more beneficial than just hanging out with friends, but less phony than a networking group. DR is about having fun making connections and sharing resources to build our platforms, together. Though some are invited, everyone applies.



Regular gatherings

We host monthly social mixers and goal-achieving workshops. Both the solidarity and the healthy dose of competition keep us sharp.

genuine connections

We discourage asking people what they do before becoming friends. As real friends we come to give, we aren't working on how to best use people. 


Social media is an important aspect of our jobs. Being in a group of people who live the same hustle helps to crush stupid popularity algorithms.

Centrally located

We host most of our gatherings in Hollywood at uncool times, so we can actually enjoy all it has to offer. If we host somewhere else, it's usually to highlight a specific venue.

Request a hold

For up to three consecutive months or six months total each year, members can freeze their accounts without any fees. We also send a confirmation email before we start charging again.

Cancel Anytime

Unlike a lot of memberships out there, our sign up process takes longer than our cancelation one. Cancel when you want for any reason. Getting back in will be harder though. 


dream with us

*Must live in Los Angeles County and be 18 years or older to join.