nothing to prove
no thing to gain
no need for riches
no quest for fame
i already have
all i can attain
i am a dreamer
my dream is my name

Dissident Dreamer was born out of the pursuit of a dream. That dream was to live in a world where it was cool to give a shit. What was once a quiet succession from the status quo has become active defiance.

Somewhere between a personal project, a brand, and a movement Dissident Dreamer is about showing up and showing out. While others argue and fight for what they believe is right, a DD stands in it. Where others focus on their differences, a DD revels in the similarities. Not everyone can be a DD, but everyone can try.
Aus' obsessive interest in progress earned him the 'leader' mantle at a young age. His modi operdandi are "first into battle; last to eat" and Noblesse Oblige.