Austin Hall

As the Founder and CEO of Dreamer Republic, I am perpetually negotiating between being a dedicated entrepreneur and a freelance creative professional at the ethical vanguard.

My dream is to help usher in an era of what I call sustainable abundance for all of humanity. NBD. I'm not big into preaching though; it's in the way I do things.

Dissident Dreamer is a collection of  my many projects as well as my personal blog relating to the work I do for Dreamer Republic.

Please feel free to comment on any content where you are given the option to do so. I welcome most perspectives, constructive criticism, and honest feedback, but I don't do arguments. 

Also, since I'm asked almost daily: yes, the golden curls are natural and my eyes are green; yes, I'm mixed, but my mix isn't important; no, I will not tell you my sign. haha

June 2017

June 2017