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Birth of a salesman

Anyone who knows me knows how little I appreciate living in a world that is constantly harassing me to buy this or that material good or to participate in this or that group. The underlying fallacy with sales is that the thing being sold will make the purchaser feel some type of way. The truth, however, is that our emotional perception of the outside world is just a reflection of our inner world. All we have to do to feel a certain way is visualize us having the thing we want and why we want it or if we have strong faith - tune in.

My plan with Dreamer Republic has always been, "I will build this whole thing for everyone, and someone who likes sales will be the face and get the credit."

In the first iteration of the project, it was clear early on that the production of tangible goods was an unsustainable, rickety albatross of a supply chain. So sales needed to be counter-measured. We needed to fly as low under the radar as possible as to not have demand crush our ability to supply.

This time around, the product we're selling is the intangible sense of belonging. It's actually something I have paid for on many occasions from getting the right warm-ups for Varsity sports to gaining access to Netflix's online selection. Sure, Netflix is mostly about being entertained, but there is a sense of pride we all share seeing the latest show before our friends or providing ample background noise for dates.

As I've taken up the serious study of sales, I've read some interesting things. In the sales world, the best salespeople don't sell anything, they help people. When you have a flat tire and someone comes along with a spare and says, "hey if you have $50, I'll change that spare for you." You'll only think of them as a nuisance if you have AAA who will do it for free. In most cases though, that person just saved your schedule, your current outfit, and lots of money getting it towed. That's good sales.

Although the month started with some long conversations with friends about the project and getting them up to speed, it's ended with a much better understanding of knowing when to make an offer and how much to offer at any point.

There is no pushing the "forever transaction." If joining isn't an obvious win to someone, they don't want or need to be a member. As the architect my job is to pack as many reasons to join into the offering as possible. But my job as a salesman isn't to persuade, it's to assuage. The brunt of my work this month has been finding the people who need Dreamer Republic in their life.

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