I am austin hall. dissident dreamer is my personal platform.

Destroy and Rebuild


In this past month I have effectively destroyed my Instagram account by deleting all of the photos and removing almost all of my followers. The website dedicated to showing off my portfolios also met its demise. I also had half of my head shaved (the lower half, it's barely noticeable.) But the biggest and most important end came about when I let go of the guy who refuses to market his brand and sell his ideas.

Deleting my "beautiful feed" as one friend called it, was actually a mistake. I went to delete all of the photos from 2016 to make it seem like my account was new, and by the time I was done I only had two photos for the 3 months of 2017. Oops. 

Before I deleted my portfolio website, I removed the domain and links to this blog. I was planning on killing Dissident Dreamer, but when I remembered that collaborating on teams with unpaid creatives and expecting them to bring their best is almost always a nightmare, I reconsidered. Frankly, the amount of energy persuading and managing people takes isn't worth it. 

As the pressure to be financially successful now (and not years from now) hit an all time high this month, I was forced to reconsider almost every aspect of my current trajectory. During this ridiculously clouded period, I came to realize that my aversion to selling my ideas was coming across to my people as though I wasn't confident in my work. A big realization, and a quick fix.

...And Rebuild

Enter this post, a completely redesigned blog experience with a clear focus. In my last post from February, I was right on the money with the direction I wanted to go. However, Dreamer Republic was still missing something. Something big.

That "something big" was admitting that the thing young millennials want and need most in Los Angeles is money. Thinking about all the ways people waste money, that was a bitter pill to swallow. Everyone wants money. People ruin their art and lose their soul for money. But, I was forgetting that most people also need money for just about every aspect of their creative work. 

Now, quite clearly, the membership fees are used to provide cash prizes for participatory challenges and paid job opportunities. I don't have to worry about selling anything anymore, because it all just makes sense. Over the course of March, Dreamer Republic went from an abstract vision to a simple game. Like poker or fantasy football, the prize is directly correlated to the buy ins.

Birth of a salesman

New Direction

New Direction