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Getting Comfortable

Getting Comfortable

I have been wanting to work with Groceries Apparel since late 2013 when my eco-expert friend, Taryn Hipwell, connected me to one of their owners, Matt. However, the timing just hasn't been lining up. Recently, a new sustainable blogger friend of mine, Yvonne of Closet Tree, put me on to their sample sale. I bought three of my favorite white tees and a couple other new cuts.


While shopping, Matt suggested that I come by and play with some clothes at a later date. More specifically, he gave me permission to use the active samples. (For those of you who don't know, active samples are the ones used on a showroom floor.) That's a lot of trust.

I chose the outfit shown in this post because it reminded me of a thrifted look I wanted to shoot a few months ago, which I didn't shoot because the thrifted sweats had an obnoxious plastic zipper that chafed at my ankle. Anyway, it's a real slouchy look and a bit out of season. But, Groceries makes it too comfortable for me to care much about either.


The Organic Cotton Henley achieves the softness of a lightly warn garment without having to break it in. The light weight (6 oz) fabric makes it great for these hot summer months and as a base layer in the winter. The Able Sweatpants are a heavy mock twist terry (13 oz) best suited for cooler temperatures.

Ethical/Sustainable Attributes

  • Henley: 100% GMO Free Organic Cotton
  • Sweats: 91% Organic Cotton 9% Recycled Plastic (rPET)
  • Garment Dyed
  • Made In Los Angeles
Pocket Play

Pocket Play

XL Extended

XL Extended