I am austin hall. dissident dreamer is my personal platform.

New Marketing Strategy

As people who don't particularly like or trust brands ourselves, my partner and I found my initial efforts to be much of the same pathetic outreach that the faceless startups do. You know, the overly personable faceless brand. Just one step up from the idiot copying and pasting the same generic comments on everyone's pictures, but still... Ew, why?

So we concluded that we will use the DR social media much more akin to this blog than either a brand or a shoutout platform for the community.

What that means is that all the social media links on this website now link directly to the Dreamer Republic accounts, and like this blog, the accounts will help tell the story of my dream to create conscious media with everyone while we all make a name for ourselves.

Frankly, I didn't want to do it this way because it seems rather conceited and I wanted the focus to be on everyone else. But we couldn't find any other common denominators among all the dreamers here in Los Angeles that we'll be showcasing, or a sufficient way of always having fresh new branded content to post.

Plus, come on, we're millennials. We want real connection and we can't have that with a brand's social media.

Service vs. Community

Birth of a salesman