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Partner In Creation

Partner In Creation

"My dissidence is self love. I choose to love myself and my flaws despite that our consumerist culture tells me to find happiness in the products I buy."

If you're in the ecofashion space, you know that it's predominantly a 30+ year old female demographic. Since a large part of my mission is opening the space up to more heterosexual men and younger people in general, I've decided to feature some of the beautiful women I get to geek out with on a regular basis. Welcome to the Exchange, featuring Jeneice Thompson.


In an overly-supportive community of eco-fashionistas, Jeneice offers intuitive sensibilities from a rigorous understanding of compositional rules, fashion trends, and style correlations. The result? Outfits that are effortlessly constructed to express who she is or feels like being on any given occasion.

On the other hand, she often will wait years to find the right garments to complete a vision she had for a look. This stark contrast mixed with a relentless pursuit to "add a little edge" leads her to some of the most inventive temporary manipulations of garments that you'll ever see.

I am honored to be able to consider Jeneice my Partner In Creation as we work on various projects aimed at raising the general consciousness of people here in Los Angeles.


You'll notice that the basic foundation of the look is the same simple t-shirt and jeans combo that I've rocked in most of my posts thus far. I've been struggling to show off my more avant garde aesthetics, so she wanted to prove to me how easily it can be done.

The shirt, an unexpected gift from Tommie Larkington, founder of Superego, is a curious mix of hemp viscose and organic cotton. It's supple and soft, but stretchy and shiny like spandex. The jeans, shoes, and clutch were all thrifted for her own closet. The black and white bracelet is an unreleased (and discontinued) sample from our main project together. She said, "we should use it if we have it, right?"

The harness was bought from BCBG in 2013, but the most interesting thing about this outfit, and the true testament to Jeneice's styling genius is the unassuming choker. It's a hanger strap she cut out of a tube top. It was more than an one-off remark, it's her style.


Jeneice is currently style blogging on her own website, aptly using her name as the domain, and has a handful of surprises that will be coming out soon. A game I like to play with her posts is Peep The Tweak: What Secret Tweak Did She Do This Time? Occasionally, she's nice enough to tell us.

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