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XL Extended

XL Extended

I was turned on to Rich Honey a while back by a friend whom, I found out after purchasing this tee, no longer endorses them. Although the details of this garment's production and the company's ethics are vague (like most brands), I've decided to post about it anyway. Brands need to see more interest in eco clothing, and too many eco people are disconnected from what a sexy cut looks like. 


Hands down, my favorite thing about this high-low extended tee is how ridiculously long it is on me. I picked up an extra large from Yuji, the cool cat, working at their downtown brick & mortar. Typically, I am swimming in an XL, but the shoulders fit, so why not? I love how this tee elongates my otherwise short torso without making my legs look stubby. You'll notice below that I'm rocking a stretched out scrunchy, and also maybe that my bracelet is a headband. When the scrunchy and hidden blond bobby pins have called it quits for the day, it's nice to have a backup option on hand. hah. 


The Rich Honey Extended Tee in black features a binding neckline with a slim silhouette and high-low hem. The mid-weight cotton jersey is good to wear in both hot and cold temperatures. 

Ethical/Sustainable Attributes

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Garment Dyed
  • Made In Los Angeles
Getting Comfortable

Getting Comfortable

Slim Straight

Slim Straight