all For the he(art)

Once a month, we rent a random venue and complete a collaborative project. Every member gets the same instructions: Do what you want with: 3 brush strokes, 3 sticks, or a foot of string for example. The final work is then displayed below and the original is saved for future exhibition. What type of project we do is determined by a vote at the previous workshop. The address is given to members who RSVP. All members who are welcome, but no guests.



Sometimes in our creative pursuits we just want to make something with other people and not worry about what happens after. Maybe we haven't booked anything in a while, or maybe our industry job is just too serious. Maybe we're just art junkies. Art.Work is our monthly fix.


  • Members Only
  • RSVP Required
  • Laid back soiree
  • Wear clothes you can get dirty
  • Show up whenever
  • BYOB






(Coming Soon)