Real Friends with Real people

The first Thursday of each month we hang out as friends at a different Hollywood lounge. Sometimes we get drinks, but sometimes we don't. We'll only judge you if you act like a jackass. The idea here is to build lifelong (potentially professional) friendships.



It seems like everyone going out in LA is trying too hard. Whether it be to get laid, find a lover, show off to their following, or to just make cool memories, there is a certain desperation to all of it. The Friend Zone is a vicious space where we bully each other into loving ourselves.


  • 18+ or 21+, we'll let you know
  • Semi-casual food & drinks with friends
  • Best friends teasing each other for good reasons
  • Not for the feeble, insecure or desperate
  • As little phone use as possible
  • Lots of cock blocking



(Coming Soon)