for visionaires

SagaCity is held on the second Thursday each month to discuss our visions (dreams) with anyone who will listen. This gathering takes us back to when we were kids planning and plotting our rise to glory with our friends before we had a good sense about how the world really works. Basically, leave your realism at home.



Whether our dream is to be an entertainer, entrepreneur, make our sales goals, or just pay rent, many of us face more rejection on a daily basis than we can emotionally handle. When we share what brings us to life, we're usually either laughed at or talked into reasonability. Fuck that mess, adults need a sandbox too.


  • Semi-Casual Food & Drinks
  • 18+ or 21+, We'll Let You Know
  • Show Up When You Want
  • Teasing and Judgement Suck
  • Only Share Things That Can't Be Stolen

For creatives

for activists

for visionaries