I'm really not a fan of preaching. My values work for me and I usually don't need to have them validated. However, if you clicked on the link that led you to this page, chances are you're the choir. So here's a little more in-depth look at the things I'm doing behind the scenes to be the change I want to see in the world.

"Global sustainable abundance is the idea that resources could be infinite if we learned how to use them correctly." -Aus


Although I myself am a minimalist (for my own personal sanity), unlike other environmentalists, I do not believe reducing consumption will work with our current society, so my primary focus is on making things from nature that are infinitely recyclable or can break down in nature.

Key Areas of Focus:

•  Using Biodegradable Materials
•  Funding Vitro Leather Research
•  Promoting Sustainable Abundance

"If we, as creatives, cannot pay to enjoy each other's work or to utilize it, how can we expect the big brands to pay us what we're worth?"

Labor Rights

Fair Trade and Living Wages are nice disguises for contemporary imperialism. Fair to me, is paying someone what you'd pay yourself for the same amount of work. Similarly, most "collaborations" are bullshit. If anything is being sold or creative input is minimized, it isn't a collaboration, it's a job. Businesses and producers should pay up.

Key Areas of Focus:

•  Promoting Equal Trade > Fair Trade
•  Disseminating Fuck you. Pay Me.
•  Funding Local Creatives

"Gensism: the belief that we are one and that cultural and/or individual victories have nothing to do with race." -Aus


I created a word that is more aligned with my understanding of humanity. Gens and genus originate from latin and relate to family and race. Gensism is the understanding that we are not the color of our skin, and that identifying as anything other than human is divisive. This is an abandonment of cultures created by prejudice and those in response to it. Gensism is a movement toward a new culture.

Key Areas of Focus:

•  Creating New Customs
•  Sharing Traditional Ethnic Customs
•  Loving Hate

"I am not just an ally. I am a feminist. If we cannot equally stand up for your rights, how can we be equal?" -Aus


Although, believing that men and women are equal makes me a feminist, I have found that too many women think the word is exclusive to them. I also hold very different beliefs on how best to dismantle the patriarchy, apparently. So, I've decided to let go of feminism and focus on "my side."

Key Areas of Focus:

  Redefining Heterosexual Masculinity
  Casually Shutting Down Objectifying Bro-Talk
  Invalidating Female Sexiness as a Status Symbol