The Four Pillars


I do not believe in an objective reality or a concrete truth. All that I have is my perspective of how the world is and how it works, and based on what I see, there is a lot of room for improvement. Rather than preach about change, I've built it into everything I do. These are my four pillars.



Petrolium-based plastics are a global problem. So, I only use biodegradable materials. Also, in an effort to discourage over-production, I offer only made-to-order or one-of-one physical products.

Key Areas of Focus:
• Using Biodegradable Materials
• Funding Vitro Leather Research
• Promoting Sustainable Abundance

"Global sustainable abundance is the idea that resources could be infinite if we learned how to use them correctly."


My basic philosophy is that I do not outsource anything unless I have enough money to pay someone else what I would pay myself for the same amount of work. This way we all prosper together.

Key Areas of Focus:
• Promoting Equal Trade > Fair Trade
• Disseminating Fuck you. Pay Me.
• Supporting Local Creatives

"Paying people 'Living Wages' is nothing more than modern day imperialism with a nice do-gooder feel to it."


From insitutionalized racism to cultural appropriation, the unnecessary problems facing minorities are still too many. I am working to create a new set of values and behaviors that allow us all to be one people.

Key Areas of Focus:
• Creating New Universal Customs
• Sharing Traditional Ethnic Customs
• Loving Hate

"Gensism: the belief that we are one and that cultural and/or individual victories have nothing to do with race."


Men dominating society goes back as far as recorded history. And while the things are improving for women, I believe we need to redefine what it means to be a man if we want to see long term equality.

Key Areas of Focus:
• Redefining Heterosexual Masculinity
• Casually Shutting Down Homophobia
• Removing Status From Female Sexiness

"The best way for us to empower and protect our women is to support and liberate ourselves."