What is a zine?

Maga-zine. It's the low-budget indie version of a magazine.

do you take submissions?

Not at this time. Your interest is appreciated, though.

How can I get an advertisement spot?

Step one, be passionate about a cause. Step two, live in Los Angeles. Step three, send me an email: here.

The Dissidents

Are you asking me to pay you to be your friend?

Haha! No. I'd ask for a lot more than $25/month for that.

Why won't you hang out with me outside of your gatherings?

No offense, I'd really just rather be working (introvert).

Can i bring my friend(s) to the gatherings?

Nope. They're welcome to apply, though. If you want them in as badly as they want in, send a formal recommendation letter: here.

why won't you let my friend join?

Way too many factors go into who gets accepted and who doesn't. It's likely not personal. They're probably just not a good fit at the moment.


why do you only make things in one size?

Frankly, I'm still learning about pattern grading and custom fitting, so for now I only make things that I can wear myself.

Will you make me 'x' in my size?

I can try, you'll have to pay extra, and write a glowing review even if it's terrible though! haha

Will you ever make things in other sizes?

Make? Yes. Sell online? Not likely. 


Will you model for me/my project/my company?

No. Nope. Absolutely not. Please don't ask again.

Do you want to collaborate?

Only if you're a meticulous about pre-production as I am.

can i hire you to work on my project as a...?

I do occasionally take on side projects, but I'm real hands on with everything I do, so I only join projects where I have above-the-line input. Also, I do not work for anyone without a clearly defined contract and a 1099.


Is that your natural hair (color)?


What's your ethnicity?

American Millennial

Haha, but like, what are you?

I am mixed. With what isn't important.

Where are you from?


what's Your Sign?