What is a zine?

Maga-zine. It's the low-budget indie version of a magazine.

do you take submissions?

Yes, but only from people I know.

How do i get selected for a feature?

Apply to join the collective. Include in the Special Notes section that you want to be featured.

How can I get an advertisement spot?

It starts by inviting me to do a full behind the scenes look at your operation.


Are you asking me to pay you to be your friend?

Haha! No. I'd ask for a lot more than $10/month for that.

Why won't you hang out with me outside of your gatherings?

No offense, I'd really just rather be working (introvert).

Can i invite my friends to the gatherings?

Yes. Everyone can come to one gathering without being a member. After that, they will need to apply.

why won't you let my friend join?

Way too many factors go into who gets accepted and who doesn't. It's likely not personal. They're probably just not a good fit at the moment.

Why haven't I heard back on my application?

So that neither one of us has to say that you were rejected.


why do you only make things in one size?

Frankly, I'm still learning about pattern grading and custom fitting, so for now I only make things that I can wear myself.

Will you make me 'x' in my size?

I can try, you'll have to pay extra, and write a glowing review even if it's terrible though! haha

Will you ever make things in other sizes?

Make? Yes. Sell online? No. Standardized sizing does not make sense to me. 


Will you model for me/my project/my company?

No. Nope. Absolutely not. Please don't ask again.

Do you want to collaborate?

Sure, but I bet that means something different to me than it does to you.

can i hire you to work on my project as a...?

I do occasionally take on side projects, but I'm real hands on with everything I do, so I only join projects where I have above the line input. Also, I do not work for anyone without a clearly defined contract and a 1099.


Is that your natural hair (color)?


What's your ethnicity?

American Millennial

Haha, but like, what are you?

I am mixed. With what isn't important.

Where are you from?


what's Your Sign?