DEFIANT by Nature [Pt. 1]

Dark are the times when simple acts of decency are hoisted up as a coat of arms. Doing the right thing shouldn't need to be paraded though the streets or echoed through the infinitum of the Internet. Yet, here we are. What some would call a positively monumental shift in consciousness took a monstrous lack in leadership. But here we are. The fabric of societies the world over are changing at a pace almost instep with our new god, technology.

It's a rough road. It seems when one divisive issue is swept away, another arises. Pleasing everyone was never less possible than it is now. It doesn't have to be this way. Call it Postmodernism, call it One Love, call it Grace; whatever you call it, while the rest of the world picks and chooses which issues to take sides on, the Dissident Dreamer aims higher through introspectively taking responsibility for humanity as a whole.

Where Atlas shrugged, the Dissident shoulders. In a world of chaos, peace and order burst from within. Our fight is not with him or her who thinks this or that, but with our own small minds that cannot empathize with them enough to live and let live. We've been told that we cannot change the world, much less save it. We hear that reality, but we're DEFIANT by Nature.