Facing Fears


I've been afraid of sewing machines since I was 3 years old. Something about a needle gyrating up and down faster than my eye could keep track of was terrifying. I needed no warning. It was scarier than the dark, and the monsters under the bed.

I'm usually the type of person to admit a fear exists and intentionally attack it headfirst. This time, I found myself making mad excuses. It never seemed like the right time, and when it did, I would think about all the potentially wasted materials my lack of skills would create and I'd be instantly turned off.

Then, a young woman shared her taking apart one of her own garments and reassembling it on her instagram story. I had known about seam ripping, so this shouldn't have been surprising but for some reason it just never clicked. I could erase my mistakes and start again. Sure they wouldn't be the prettiest things ever made, but at least the materials wouldn't be completely wasted.

Within a day or two of this, one of my good friends was making fun of me for still not sewing even though I've been talking about doing it since the end of 2015. I was a low blow, but I needed it. So.. I faced my fear and made some rings with the cork fabric I shared about previously. They still need a bit of finessing, but I'm already past my fears.

I've literally only sewn once now, and I'm chomping at the bit to conquer the much faster serger. Previous attempts to serge things went left (technically right) very quickly, and I didn't understand how serge chains end. But... I can't afford to be scared anymore. Especially not of something children in Asia do for 14 hours a day in dripping wet heat.