Now Let Me Restart


Earlier in the year, a situation came up that forced me into putting my projects on hold while I focused on my making immediate returns. This required a full shift and caused a lot of confusion that has taken a few months to get over. But I'm finally able to get back on track.

I suppose this is a big sigh of relief, but it's also the acknowledgment of a bitter defeat as I didn't have it in me to close sales and make enough mo-nay to solve things with my business. Other factors saved the day.

As a result, I'm pretty burnt out on people. Really burnt out on people. Unfortunately this effects everyone in my life. I really need to regroup. As much as it seems like I've been living for myself these past months or years even, I've always kept the greater good and product viability in mind. These things were driving me crazy.

So, my new plan involves me not needing anyone's help for anything I do. Just me and the work. More on that soon, when I figure out what exactly that should look like. The good news is, I should be posting here more frequently.