Printing Problems


Last week I bought a new inkjet printer as a result of my B&W laser printer doing a horrible job printing photos. At times like these I am reminded of how wealthy and privileged I am. 

Printing Problems-1.jpg

Getting the money took spending less on groceries for a couple weeks. I have lost a little muscle mass as a result. The sacrifice only afforded me a printer with home-use specs and ridiculously high-priced ink, but still, how blessed am I to just go to Bestbuy and get a printer?

Maintaining a sense of gratitude like this is really the only thing that keeps me going after such an abusive week. Literally nothing worked out the way I wanted it to or thought that it would. #firstworldproblems

The glossy laser printer paper will not be getting used (you want it?), the multi-purpose paper I've had worked great, but the inkjet images are visible through the paper, as well as the cover paper I bought. The cover paper also turned out to be uncoated, which doesn't seem like it will play well with my choice of cover photos.

Printing Problems-2.jpg

Along with the printer complications, which I am sure I will solve eventually, I also attempted to put together a mock copy of the zine. I hand cut the paper with a rotary blade and a ruler, and found out that cutting is yet another skill I didn't account for.

I also did a botch job using an old hot glue gun to bind the unevenly cut sheets together. The glue held to the cover for a couple of hours before calling it quits.

A guillotine cutter, a better adhesive, glue brush, and bone folder will make a big difference. 

Printing Problems-3.jpg
Printing Problems-5.jpg

The lesson learned from this week's struggles is a simple and annoying one. Keep blogging about the process. I am quick to ignore a week of work and not share it. But if I don't, my only two options are to keep looking like I'm not doing anything with my life, or release shoddy work. Both are bad for my credibility as a creative professional.

So, let me say here, it's shoddy work! But, I'm working on it