Shooting Myself


For the first time since getting a DSLR, I've taken a serious stab at self-portraiture. In the past, the low lighting prevented me form pulling off images that were worth showing anyone and the on camera flash was too Terry Richardson.

Shooting Myself-1.jpg
Shooting Myself-4.jpg

My floor lamps now have 100w equivalent daylight balanced (5500k) bulbs in them and I used the window light as a key. Unfortunately, the brownish building next door added a little too much red, but dealing with ambient light issues is par for the course with low budget shoots. Will take stabs at this more regularly as I get closer to launching the zine.

Shooting Myself-2.jpg
Shooting Myself-3.jpg

Shooting at an f-stop low enough to get me all in focus while still blurring the background is the mission for next time. Likely going to have to bring the shutter speed so far down or use the ETTL speedlite I have for some added fill. These were shot pretty wide open and I think it shows.