Privacy Policy



We built this website using Squarespace 7. Since it is in their best interest, we believe that their platform is secure. Shop payment processing is handled by Stripe, which has partnered with Squarespace and handles their e-commerce. Membership accounts are handled by Moonclerk, which also uses Stripe as it's payment portal.

We believe that Stripe is more secure than Squarespace and Moonclerk since the laws regulating banking and money are much more strict. We do not have any proof of these companies' security measures, so if your information is stolen, please take it up with them.


We use Google Analytics to track the usage of our website. Aside from this data and getting the products that you ordered to you, we are not interested in your personal information.


Any information that you provide us will not be used without your written consent. A lot of companies put your information on their email and mailing lists every time you purchase something from their company. We hate this practice with a serious passion. In the event that we do choose to send out a newsletter, you'll have to sign up yourself. 

A lot of companies also make big money on selling their customers information to third parties for marketing purposes. We will never do that.

In the event that subsidiaries are created, only information necessary to provide you with the product or service you signed up for will be transferred. They will not be allowed to sell your data either.