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Slim Straight

Slim Straight

Finding a pair of jeans in my size is usually a huge pain in the ass. To give you some perspective, shortly after modeling for Levi's a few years back, I went to their global flagship store in San Fransisco to pick up some 511's. They had a single pair in stock. In a Levi's store the size of a Macy's, they only had one. I bought two pairs that day, one was not my size, but I've made them work. Sadly, they are both falling apart on me as a result of wearing one or the other almost exclusively for the last three years.

So, when I happened to be perusing the Three Leaves website and found that they are holding a 50% closing sale, I rushed to find a replacement pair of jeans. Again, they only had one pair left in my size. 31x34 by the way. I got the last one.

It was a bittersweet transaction. Three Leaves has been the only dedicated eco-menswear boutique that I've come across over the years. I'm sad to see them go, but it's a strong reminder of how important my work with this blog truly is.


The most branded jeans I've ever seen, Kuyichi's Nick in Burried is a straight, regular slim fit. Although they were listed as a "5-Pocket" jean, I count six. Five of which are  big enough for an iPhone 6. They are 100% Organic Cotton and due to Kuyichi's dyeing process, the color after washing varies from jean to jean, making each pair one-of-a-kind. 

Ethical/Sustainable Attributes

  • Organic Cotton: Grown without use of chemicals harmful to workers and the environment
  • Dyed with sustainable natural indigo dyes
  • Minimal use of water, energy, and chemicals throughout production process
  • Partnership with Made-By for fair trade and sustainable production practices
  • All fabric waste recycled and used in new garments
XL Extended

XL Extended